Motion Challenge!!!!

Try this PhysicsAviary assignment with a partner. You have to get all ten questions correct in order to be successful so take your time. Remember, direction matters for vectors!!

After successfully completing the challenge, take a screenshot of your final screen that says you did it and email it to me with you and your partner’s name.

As a reminder:

  • Velocity = displacement / time
  • Speed = distance / time
  • Speed is a scalar so it should not have a negative sign because the negative sign just tells us direction.

Intro to Video Analysis

We’ll be doing some video analysis in Capstone today. Woot woot.

 LAB REPORT: (in a Google Doc that you share with me.)

Part I: For the rolling ball video:

  • Was the ball moving at a constant velocity? Provide evidence from your video analysis. 

Part II: For the analysis of the video that you make with your partner:

  • Insert a screenshot of the horizontal position vs time graph.
    • What is the general shape of this graph? What does that mean?
    • What is the slope of the line? What does that mean?
  • Insert a screenshot of the vertical position vs time graph.
    • What is the general shape of this graph? What does that mean?
  • Insert a screenshot of the vertical velocity vs time graph.
    • What is the slope of this graph? What does that mean?



Here’s the skeleton of the bounce program. Copy and paste into a new program.

from visual import *

floor = box (pos=vector(0,0,0), length=4, height=0.1, width=4,
ball = sphere (pos=vector(0,10,0), radius=2, color=color.magenta)
ball.velocity = vector(0,0,0)
dt = 0.01

#the 1 after the while is interpreted as "true" when this program runs,
#basically turning this into an infinite loop.
#The loop is obviously incomplete, but think about what you would need to add
#to make this ball "bounce." It should accelerate at 9.81. You will need to
#include an if/else argument.
while 1:
 rate (100)
 ball.pos = ball.pos + ball.velocity*dt

Barlow’s Out Getting “Developed”

I’m out again today for some professional development type stuff. you have two assignments today and whatever you don’t finish in class you can finish for homework.

  1. MasteringPhysics assignment:

Remember that account you made for MasteringPhysics? You get to use it today!

Click here to go to

You should see that you have an assignment called “CH 02 – HW” on 1 Dimensional Kinematics. It is 15 questions (each with parts A-Z, jk). You are free to work with a partner if you need help but everyone must complete their own assignment.

2. VPython 2nd Video:

Watch this second video on Assigning variables and following along with your Glowscipt account. Click here to log into GlowScript. Make sure you type the program exactly as is shown in the video, paying close attention to the capitalization, spacing, punctuation, and indentations. If you run into errors with your program, double check that you entered the code the same way they did in the video. Try the challenge example at the end of the video too.