AP Biology Links

Thing Explainer – Practice explaining things using only the 1000 most commonly used words.  No science-y words allowed!!



  • GenBank– The NIH database of all publicly available genetic data. Massive (and somewhat slow as a result). Home of BLAST.
  • UniProt– A cultivated database of protein sequence data.
  • Next Generation Biology Workbench– An online suite of phylogenetic analysis tools.  Full-featured and research quality.
  • Phylogeny.fr– A more “one-click” approach to phylogenetic analysis.  Paste the sequences and click a button.  A tree will come out the other side.


Interactive Simulations

University of Utah “Learn Genetics” Interactive

The University of Utah has a great website with tons of cool interactive things you can play around with.

For Cell Biology:

For Molecular Genetics:

For Physiology:

John Kyrk’s Interactives

John Kyrk makes some really awesome interactive Flash animations.  We will reference them throughout the year.

For Biochemistry:

For Evolution:

For Cell Biology:

For Cell Cycle:

For Molecular Genetics:

For Metabolism:

PhET Biology Simulations

Various Java applets that you can use to investigate various biological phenomena

AP Bio General Course Specific Webpages

Online Textbook Resources

Other Teacher’s Websites

Collegeboard Resources

AP Exam Preparation Sites

  • Old AP Biology Essay Questions– Old AP Biology Essay Questions (I have to get your exam questions from somewhere…)
  • Bubbabrain AP Review– Seems like some useful review games.  Have to select AP Biology from the list of “junior” or “senior” topics.

Biology Media Sources

Images and Animations

  • Wikimedia Commons– All of the media on wikipedia, searchable in one place.
  • NASA Image Library– Images from NASA (as cool as it sounds).
  • Science Bulletins – from the Museum of Natural History

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