CP Biology – Friday, June 1st!



It’s Friday! And it’s June!!

I’m out on a field trip today, so I’ve left two population assignments for you. These are paper assignments, not GoogleDocs. I would like you AND your partner to both complete the assignment. This means you should have TWO completed packets at the end, NOT just one with two names on it.

  1. The first is looking at the population on Lizard Island. Go the the following link:


If it’s not working in Chrome, try opening it in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

2. The second is modeling lion populations. Go to this link for that one:


If you don’t finish during class, you should finish these for homework.

Have a Great Weekend!!!


CP Biology – Tuesday, May 15

Speaking of the immune system, I’m still sick. Sick with the norovirus. It’s a virus that can infect the…  Actually, why don’t you look up what it does.

Today you’ll be researching a number of different infectious diseases (diseases that are caused by micro-organisms and can be spread between people) and summarizing their key features. You can work with a partner to complete the data table below:

Human Infectious Disease Chart


Plans for Monday, May 14

Speaking of the immune system…. I’m sick today.  But while I’m out….

  • #1 – Finish your Immune System Webquest
    • This is the assignment you had started on Friday.
  • #2 – Play a Game of Pandemic 2 with a partner!!
    • Find the game here. (http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/Pandemic-2.html) It’s a game where you try to create a virus/bacteria/parasite that can infect as many people as possible. When you first pick your disease, you can run through a tutorial on how to play that might be useful in helping you know how to play. When you are done, take a screenshot of your score and write a paragraph describing your strategy for the game: How did you change your disease to make it more infectious? Why did you choose the symptoms that you did? If you were going to play again, what might you do differently?
  • #3 – If you have any extra time you can work on your presentations, which were due today so they should be done. But you can add extra pictures, make it look better, take out some of the words… We’ll present tomorrow.

Physics Aviary Review Blitz

There are 14 tasks below. Pick 12 of them to complete.