Plans for Monday, May 14

Speaking of the immune system…. I’m sick today.  But while I’m out….

  • #1 – Finish your Immune System Webquest
    • This is the assignment you had started on Friday.
  • #2 – Play a Game of Pandemic 2 with a partner!!
    • Find the game here. ( It’s a game where you try to create a virus/bacteria/parasite that can infect as many people as possible. When you first pick your disease, you can run through a tutorial on how to play that might be useful in helping you know how to play. When you are done, take a screenshot of your score and write a paragraph describing your strategy for the game: How did you change your disease to make it more infectious? Why did you choose the symptoms that you did? If you were going to play again, what might you do differently?
  • #3 – If you have any extra time you can work on your presentations, which were due today so they should be done. But you can add extra pictures, make it look better, take out some of the words… We’ll present tomorrow.