Rotation Direct Measurement Video

You’ll need to download the videos first and then input them into

  1. Disk accelerated by a rocket motor
  • What is the moment of inertia of the disk?
  • What is the final angular velocity of the disk?
  • What is the average angular acceleration while the rocket is firing?
  • How long was the rocket firing for?
  • What average torque must have been applied to accelerate the disk?
  • What force was provided by the rocket motor?

2. Disk & disk collision

  • Use the video and video analysis to show that angular (rotational) momentum is conserved (or not…)


Circular Motion and Gravity Partner Quiz

Using your brain, your partner’s brain, your notes, your partner’s note, your calculator, your partner’s calculator, your pen, your partner’s pen and a gluten-free blueberry muffin (if available) complete the Circular Motion and Gravitational Force Partner Quiz.

Physics Aviaries

Direct Measurement Video: Einstein Riding the Graviton (you’ll have to download the video first)

pHet Gravitational Force Lab: 

Click here for the lab. After taking a bunch of data points, create a graph that will allow you to find the universal gravitational constant