Plans for Monday October 1 – AP Physics

I’m out today as you probably noticed. But don’t worry, the physics is still happening. Today you’re going to continue investigating work and energy. There are three main tasks for today, outlined below. You can work with a partner to complete them.

  1. On the bottom of Friday’s notes there is a brief explanation of Hooke’s Law and how you might use that equation to find the spring constant of a spring (More information here). Since I’m not there to supervise your work with very dangerous springs, you are going to perform an online version of this lab. Elastic Lab – Hooke’s Law  Every time you reload the page a new spring is loaded (there are 7 different springs). I’d like to collect force vs stretch data on 3 of the 7 springs. Using the graphing program of your choice, plot the Force applied vs the change in spring length for the 3 springs (A triple line graph!).  Insert the best-fit line and find the slope of each line. (Hmmmm, what does that slope equal….?) Make sure to include a key so we know which line is which.
  2. Watch these two videos that provide a walkthrough of how to solve conservation of energy problems
    1. Conservation of energy using a trebuchet
    2. Conservation of energy using a spring, inclined plane and friction
  3. Try some examples yourself! Screenshot you and your partner’s epic success.
  4. If there’s any extra time you can use it to prepare for Wednesday’s exam.

CP Biology – Friday, June 1st!



It’s Friday! And it’s June!!

I’m out on a field trip today, so I’ve left two population assignments for you. These are paper assignments, not GoogleDocs. I would like you AND your partner to both complete the assignment. This means you should have TWO completed packets at the end, NOT just one with two names on it.

  1. The first is looking at the population on Lizard Island. Go the the following link:

If it’s not working in Chrome, try opening it in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

2. The second is modeling lion populations. Go to this link for that one:

If you don’t finish during class, you should finish these for homework.

Have a Great Weekend!!!