Energy Partner Tasks

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Happy Monday!!

As we are getting ready to wrap up this energy unit, try these delicious PhyiscsAviaries related to energy, work, and power. You don’t need to take screenshots, just call me over when you’re done.


Remember our equations for this unit:

Eg = mgh

Ek = 1/2 mv2

Ee = 1/2 k x2

W = ΔE = Force x Distance

Power = work / time = ΔE / time

  1. Kinetic Energy of a Curling Stone
  2. Kinetic Energy of a Ball Moving in a Circle
  3. Work Done By a Force With No Friction
  4. Finding Spring Constant From a Force vs. Stretch Graph
  5. Energy From a Force vs. Stretch Graph
  6. Distance Traveled When Fired by a Spring
  7. Energy on an Incline
  8. Power of Motor for Billy on a Hill
  9. Energy on a Vertical Toss (Careful!! “g” is probably not 9.8 on this planet)
  10. BONUS Find the Spring Constant From a Projectile
  11. BONUS Billy on the Hill